Latavia Johnson is the creative orchestrator of Miami’s most glamorous and intimate events and the founder of LSJ Events. Through keen listening to her client’s vision, she ensures celebratory moments- including gender reveals, baby showers and weddings- are made memorable through seamless planning and execution. With a distinctive eye and envied for glamorous “surprises” at her events, Latavia delights all the senses in her integrative approach, melding over-the-top floral design with layouts that guide guests into a rich experience: the LSJ Events signature touch.

With years of event planning experience in Miami and beyond, Latavia’s process starts with dreaming. Whether a hope-filled bride and groom or excited expectant parents, she draws both into easy conversation and hones in on exactly what the look and feel the couple will enjoy. With this solid foundation, she is able to add layers to the planning process, creating ‘wow’ while satisfying the couple’s expectations and fulfilling their dream event.

As a Caribbean-American with a love for travel, Latavia often draws design inspiration from her experiences in diverse cultures. She is a connoisseur of textures and color palettes from the countries she visits, setting apart her aesthetics in her home, her style and her event production. With a large professional and friend network in Miami, she also enjoys taking in all the vibrancy Miami offers.